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Embroidery Fabrics - precut

Premium quality fine linen, aida, and lugana from Zweigart for embroidery projects that last for generations. 

Precut packs. Made in Germany.

All embroidery is based on needlework fabrics, upon which any desired embroidery technique can be worked. Needlework fabrics have a clear surface structure and the warp and weft thread count is always exactly the same. Nearly all Zweigart needlework fabrics have a firm finish, making it easy to embroider without a frame. The fabrics get softer after being washed.

The most important feature of ZWEIGART® needlework fabric is its outstanding countability, which is achieved by high-precision weaving. This is especially important for cross-stitch motifs. Embroidery on needlework fabrics often involves counting. The embroidery is done over one to two threads of the weave.

The Zweigart trademark is the “Orange Line”. There is an orange coloured thread woven into the selvedge of all ZWEIGART® fabrics. This is the proof of Zweigart best quality fabrics that are colourfast, easy-care and precisely woven. The orange line says ZWEiGART® Made in Germany. 


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